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“Working with Melanie has been an incredible experience for me. For the last 10 years I have suffered with debilitating migraine headaches, which often leave me completely incapacitated. I have a very demanding and stressful job and I used to consistently be both emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of the workday. It was not unusual to have four or even five migraines during a particularly stressful week. I would often get home from work and have to go straight to bed because the pain was so excruciating, or I would have plans with friends on a Friday night and would have to cancel because I was too sick to attend. I was beginning to feel like my entire life just consisted of work and migraines, which was really depressing. Several doctors recommended daily prescription medications, but I really didn’t want to go that route unless it was my last resort. Fortunately I decided to try Fine Balance Acupuncture. Since starting with Melanie several months ago I have not only had almost no migraines, but I have also seen a tremendous increase in my energy level throughout the week. She has truly given me my life back. From day one Melanie has been so positive about my progress; Her enthusiasm for healing is contagious. I feel so lucky to have found Melanie and I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – GF

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