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After two unsuccessful years of trying  to conceive, I began seeing Melanie  to try acupuncture for fertility.  Previously we had done pills, injectable drugs, and IUI, all which were painfully unsuccessful.  I never really thought of acupuncture until my doctor mentioned it and reading into it a little more.  At my first appointment, Melanie put me at ease while going over all my medical background.   She asked me to give her three complete cycles of treatments with her to get my body where it needed to be.  In those three months I saw dramatic change in my body.  Every spring and fall I would suffer from allergies, during this period, nothing, completely healthy.  My energy level was up, I was getting great sleep at night, and dealing with stressful events seemed to not bother me like before. And most of all I noticed my periods were changing and my body seemed to be adjusting to a more normal cycle.   I was a relaxed individual whom I owe to Melanie and Acupuncture.  

About six months into my treatments I had laparoscopy surgery and found out that I had endometriosis, which was removed during surgery.   I never stopped my acupuncture treatments during this time.  Two months later my husband and I got our POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!  We are so grateful for Melanie and for the acupuncture.  Melanie was a great person to share my ups and downs with and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lean on.  I highly recommend acupuncture to individuals that are suffering from the pain of infertility.


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