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Acupuncture IS Relaxing!

Most people when they think of acupuncture they think of needles and assume it must be painful. On the contrary, an acupuncture treatment is actually relaxing and calming! It may be hard to believe that being stuck with pin thin needles could create euphoria but believe it. Majority of our patients fall asleep on the treatment table and all leave their sessions feeling calm and renewed. Still having doubts acupuncture can help you without causing pain?…Read this article from a reporter about his first experience with acupuncture here.

A few¬†excerpts: “My thoughts were stuck on the experience; I was still wondering if it provoked relaxation or if it was all in my head. I then remembered how I came into Miller’s office feeling uptight, tired and mentally rundown and how I was not feeling that way at the moment. Maybe something had happened, I thought.”

“For those who still think it is all in the mind, Miller pointed to an animal example of a prize racehorse that was experiencing paralysis in half of its vocal chords. The horse’s career was about to end, but its vocal chords improved following acupuncture treatments and the horse carried on racing.”

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