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I began seeing Alicia and Melanie when I was pregnant with twins and it was my first time trying acupuncture. I was having severe pain from my sciatic nerve in addition to experiencing issues with nausea, heart burn, stress, general back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands and wrists. After my first appointment, I felt instantly better and clearer. I gave birth to my twins naturally at the hospital through deep breathing in January 2013; no opiates or pain medications were needed. I feel my quality of life, especially the birth of my twins, has been greatly enhanced by what Alicia and Melanie do. I have been back to Fine Balance many times since my first appointment months ago and I am always grateful for their services. In addition to acupuncture, they do wonderful massage cupping. Although I was skeptical of cupping at first, it has proven to be the most effective treatment for back pain for me. Regular massage does not compare to acupuncture and massage cupping. Alicia and Melanie have also greatly helped my husband, who is a disabled combat veteran with PTSD, back issues, shoulder issues, and tinnitus. I recommend Fine Balance Acupuncture to anyone and everyone. Thank you Alicia and Melanie!

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