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Time to Strenghten your Kidney Qi

Hi Everyone!

Goodness I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Things have been busy but that is still no excuse. Now that is it is 2014 and we are settled into our wonderful new office…let the blogging begin!!

Let’s discuss Kidney Qi…it is the key to vibrant health, illness prevention, strong libido, more energy, better sleep and a longer life. Who wouldn’t want that?! Chronic backache, cold hands and feet, infertility, hearing difficulty and not having enough energy are some of the signs of kidney deficiency. The Kidney or Water Meridian is dominant in winter and as much as we would all like spring to make an appearance, the reality is winter is still here. So until spring arrives it is best to strengthen your Kidney Qi. Here are 3 ways to boost your Kidney Qi:

  1. Eat foods that nourish the kidney meridian. Cherries, raspberries, kidney beans, shrimp, sweet potatoes, garlic, fennel, walnuts and ginger are all wonderful foods that will give you a boost during this winter season and strengthen your kidney qi.
  2. One of the best ways to nourish your kidney qi is to get your stress under control. Whatever you choose, whether it’s yoga, meditation or fishing, any stress relief measures will benefit your kidney qi.
  3. Lastly, massage your ears regularly till they become red. The ears are connected to the kidney meridian- if you observe the shape of your ears they resemble the kidney. Massaging your ears is a good way to connect to your kidney qi

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