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It’s Time for Seasonal Tune Up

imagesAs we transition into late summer/early fall, it is important to recognize the season change within our bodies. The summer season is characterized as “Yang” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yang constitutes the white half of the yin/yang symbol. It represents everything yin isn’t: active, creative and extroverted. It holds positive energy bursting from all directions in potential rather than actual manifestation. It is associated with the sun and warmth and is hard and assertive, being associated with male energy. It holds sway over the beginning of the year, as new growth starts in the spring and flourishes during the warm summer months.

Yang begins its transformation into yin during Indian summer. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) calls it “late summer” and recognizes it as its own season. TCM theory also associates each season with an energy system and organ. In late summer the Spleen/Stomach system is dominant. In the physical body this is our digestive system and imbalances that might be more abundant include: loss of appetite, or increased appetite, poor digestion, and bloating. The spleen also rules thought and influences our capacity for thinking, studying, focusing, concentration and memorization. So we might see a lot of over thinking, over-worry, distraction, dwelling on things, obsession and anxiety etc…

Even if you don’t have a complaint each change in season is a good time to receive acupuncture to help the body’s energy assimilate to the change of the energy in the season. In this season particular it helps the body’s yang transform smoothly into yin. We can experience a calming of physical manic activity of the summer into a nice contemplative focused energy of Fall…. stay tuned for Winter 🙂

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