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When I first scheduled an appointment to see Melanie it was early October (2014) and I was seeing three different doctors (my primary doctor and two specialists) for my sinus and allergy issues. I was preparing to see a fourth doctor and had just spent hundreds of dollars on prescriptions and over the counter medications to assist with vertigo/dizziness, congestion, sinus pain/pressure and headaches. I was facing the possibility of having to have another sinus surgery. My primary doctor had also told me that the frequent ringing in my ears and vertigo I was experiencing might be things I would always have to deal with.

Over the past six years I have had a few different health concerns, including the onset of asthma. I have had a hard time most of my life with sinus and allergy issues. Anytime I spend outside has usually ended with shortness of breath, watery eyes, bad headaches and trouble breathing. My hope was that acupuncture would help with my headaches and provide some relief from pain and congestions.

After two visits I noticed I no longer suffered from daily headaches, pain and pressure. I was breathing better and through my nose which is amazing for me. With the problems I have had in the past I was not able to assist my family with yard work or play much outside with my sons. After four visits with Melanie I was able to spend hours outside raking and doing yard work without breathing problems/headaches. I also was able to run my first 5k this month which is something I have wanted to do for years but held back because of medical concerns. I was able to breathe throughout the entire 5k and although I am sore and out of shape I cannot wait to do my next one. Acupuncture has changed my life and even today with the first big snow I cannot wait until I get home to play with my sons in the snow and build snowmen.

It has also helped a great deal with my panic attack disorder. Overall my health and quality of life have greatly improved and I could not be happier with my experience. -Manda


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