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Acupuncture and Fertility

I’ve been seeing Melanie for regular acupuncture appointments for around 9 months.  When I started seeing her, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year and a half.  I had been charting, and all of my tests had been normal, so we were in the unexplained infertility category, which is incredibly frustrating.  From the beginning, Melanie was friendly, knowledgeable, and so wonderful to talk to about all things infertility related.  She was also convinced that we would conceive naturally.  I had been charting, so we knew I had been ovulating, but late in my cycle, so after we talked for a long time at my first appointment, Melanie set about helping to get my cycle to be more regular (and also making me feel awesome, too – I always leave acupuncture appointments feeling happy and floaty).  We successfully moved my ovulation date up by several days, and about 2 months after I started acupuncture, I got my first faint positive on a home pregnancy test ever!  It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage), but I thought it was progress – I had never seen a positive before!  After that, we moved to medicated cycles and IUI treatments, and Melanie was with me, providing support, encouragement, and an empathetic ear to listen to all of my worries, anxieties, and concerns.  All three of my IUI cycles were negative, which was a big blow, but I have to say that seeing Melanie throughout it all was incredibly helpful.  She is very knowledgeable, not judgmental, and is a genuinely caring person who obviously relishes in developing close relationships with her patients.  That has meant almost as much to me as the benefits I think I’ve gotten from the regular acupuncture appointments.  My cycles have been regular, and I’ve been feeling more positive, since I’ve been seeing Melanie.  And I think that has helped a lot.

After our three failed IUI cycles, we decided that we would take a month off from trying to conceive and then start IVF in January 2013.  I saw Melanie only once during that month off, mainly for de-stressing and relaxation, and I truly took a break.  I did not chart, did not pay attention to anything.  I drank tons of wine, and had fun.  In early January, I was impatient for my period to start so that we could start our IVF medications.  Then, one morning, I woke up with really sore breasts.  I had the random thought to take a pregnancy test, even though there was no reason to think that anything would have happened.  Big. Fat. Positive!!!!!!!!!  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that second dark line on that pregnancy test!  A blood test at my RE’s office confirmed it, and Melanie was one of the first people I contacted that day!  I still cannot believe that we conceived naturally, on the one cycle in the past two and a half years when we were not trying at all! I couldn’t believe it, but Melanie could.  She has said all along that we would conceive naturally, and she was right.  I am absolutely convinced that my regular acupuncture appointments with Melanie helped make this happen, and I am incredibly grateful to her for her support, encouragement, and positive vision throughout this whole process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I think that all women who are having trouble conceiving should consider acupuncture with Melanie as a complement to any other medical treatments they are trying. – Sarah

Acupuncture Excellence at Its Best!

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for many years without success. We have been through multiple rounds in the fertility process from Clomid to IUI’s without much success. Everyone was getting pregnant around us and we wondered if it would ever happen for us and the stress was continuing to build. This amount of stress was clearly not helping my fertility issues. My husband had been going to Melanie for over a year with much success to relieve his chronic conditions including allergies, sinus problems and neck pain. He and other friends suggested that I tried acupuncture for infertility. From the moment I stepped foot through the door, Melanie has been a huge success. She is very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. She asks the right questions, listens and responds to all of our concerns and has been very encouraging throughout this whole process. Just recently, my husband and I got our POSITIVE pregnancy test and are excited about the future. Melanie has been a great help and a great friend but most importantly, it is a great friendship that we will cherish for many years to follow. Thank you for all of your help Melanie and we would recommend your treatment to anyone looking for positive results with any of your treatments

Thank you

S and D

Melanie is amazing!  My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for about a year.  I went for two appointments and now I’m pregnant with twins!  She is kind, helpful, genuine and always on time.  I would recommend her to anyone
Thank you, thank you, thank you! -MP

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years without success. All of our fertility tests were coming back normal and I simply couldn’t comprehend why I wasn’t getting pregnant.  We were doing all of the “right” things; ovulation strips, basal temperature monitoring, as well as a round of Clomid….without any success. The stress was really beginning to spin out of control for me. Everyone was getting pregnant around me and I wondered if it would ever happen for us. I wasn’t able to sleep at night, was crying practically every day, and had basically lost interest in activities that I once enjoyed. This amount of stress was clearly not helping my fertility issues. 
Then my best friend told me about a friend of hers that had acupuncture for infertility and finally got pregnant. I was willing to try anything that would help so I googled local acupuncture clinics and found Melanie. She was absolutely wonderful! She really got to know me and I felt like she truly cared about my situation. After the first session I was able to sleep through the night again! Everything she said would happen after each session did, it truly amazed me. I could feel my stress beginning to leave and began to enjoy life again.  Obviously my stress wasn’t completely gone but the difference in the way I felt was astounding.
After my last session I found out that I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! My husband and I are absolutely thrilled and I am so thankful to Melanie! I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone dealing with infertility issues…..but you have to see Melanie 😉

After two unsuccessful years of trying  to conceive, I began seeing Melanie  to try acupuncture for fertility.  Previously we had done pills, injectable drugs, and IUI, all which were painfully unsuccessful.  I never really thought of acupuncture until my doctor mentioned it and reading into it a little more.  At my first appointment, Melanie put me at ease while going over all my medical background.   She asked me to give her three complete cycles of treatments with her to get my body where it needed to be.  In those three months I saw dramatic change in my body.  Every spring and fall I would suffer from allergies, during this period, nothing, completely healthy.  My energy level was up, I was getting great sleep at night, and dealing with stressful events seemed to not bother me like before. And most of all I noticed my periods were changing and my body seemed to be adjusting to a more normal cycle.   I was a relaxed individual whom I owe to Melanie and Acupuncture.  

About six months into my treatments I had laparoscopy surgery and found out that I had endometriosis, which was removed during surgery.   I never stopped my acupuncture treatments during this time.  Two months later my husband and I got our POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!  We are so grateful for Melanie and for the acupuncture.  Melanie was a great person to share my ups and downs with and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lean on.  I highly recommend acupuncture to individuals that are suffering from the pain of infertility.


Having never had acupuncture before I was a little apprehensive to make the appointment and spend the extra money.  Looking back now it was one of the best decisions I made!  Not only do I feel it helped me with back pain and infertility; it also helped my frame of mind.  I left feeling so relaxed and that feeling carried throughout the week.  Little things didn’t set me off and I just felt a sense of relaxation!  I used acupuncture with and without fertility treatments.  Prior to starting fertility treatments it helped regulate my cycles.  Throughout my ivf cycle I truly believe acupuncture helped me get pregnant!  Thank you so much Melanie! You were amazing to work with and I would recommend anyone to come see you!

– Alecia