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5 Foods to Fight Spring Time Allergies

Spring is around the corner which means we will start seeing more and more patients entering our office with itchy eyes and runny noses. The sad news is there is no cure for allergies. A seasonal allergy is a genetic disease of the immune system. But even before you think about medications, it is really critical that you go into  the allergy season with a healthy diet. By adding these 5 foods to your diet, you can lessen symptoms.


Studies show that a diet high in antioxidants and omega-3s can ease seasonal allergy suffering. Allergies cause inflammation of the tissues and lining in the nose. Eating foods that decrease inflammation can bring relief. Nuts are a great food for fighting inflammation, especially walnuts. They’re a healthy snack and are high in magnesium and vitamin E. Magnesium protects against the wheezing that accompanies asthma, and vitamin E boosts immunity while simultaneously protecting the body from free radicals, which cause tissue damage and inflammation


An apple a day can keep allergies away! Researchers found that people whose diets incorporated apples as a staple had greater protection against both allergies and asthma. Apples are rich in quercetin — a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties. Much of the benefits come from the peels, which are also packed with antioxidants called polyphenols, which prevent cellular damage.

Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood have natural anti-inflammatory effects that boost the immune system — and most allergies happen when your immune system is out of whack. Fish can actually help dry skin and eczema as well. Wild Alaskan Salmon is the best pick because it is low in pollutants and has the most nutrients.

Red Grapes

The skin of red grapes is high in antioxidants and resveratrol — an anti-inflammatory compound. Eating foods high in antioxidants can reduce inflammation in your entire body. Other foods high in antioxidants include berries, legumes and potatoes. Grapes also contain flavonoids that can also lower the bad cholesterol levels and relax blood vessels.


Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and a good choice for the sneezing season. Studies show tomatoes can build your tolerance against asthma and respiratory issues. Vitamin C is an immune system booster and natural antihistamine, which suppresses swelling.


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