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A Time of Letting Go…

Autumn is here! The leaves are starting to change colors, the temperatures have dropped and the mornings have become quite crisp here in Columbus, OH. The surrounding nature is teaching us about the cycle of creation and letting go; the leaves are turning a vibrant combination of yellow, orange and red before falling to the ground and any remaining fruits or vegetables from the summer harvest are coming to an end. In this season, nature releases its abundant creations and all that was flourishing in the spring and summer have come to a close. Just as nature starts to release and let go of the past, it reminds us that we too need to let go. Many times a day I am telling myself to “just let it go”- whether it is over an argument, how I might have done something differently or over that old pair of pants that I tell myself I will wear again but never do. In the end, we must follow nature by letting go and moving forward. So many of us try to defy the cycle and hold onto what we’ve collected. So take a look and see what you no longer need or want in your life and set it free. This may be a grudge you been holding, old clothes that no longer fit or are out of style or toxic relationships or attitudes. Whatever it is, ask yourself what you are unnecessarily holding onto and release the waste and fears in order to uncover all that is meaningful and possible!