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Acupuncture Cold Prevention Tips

The weather is getting colder and the stressful holiday season is upon us- tis the season of colds and flus! It is so important to do everything you can to stay healthy this season. Here are some helpful tips based on Chinese Medicine. Some are common-sense but give them a try and see what works for you!

Cover you neck when outside

According to Chinese Medicine, a common cold is caused by “wind invasion.” “Wind” commonly “invades” the channels/meridians at the back of the neck/upper back. So, rock your most stylish scarf and help ward off colds.

Change out of sweaty clothes

After you work out, don’t hang around in your sweaty clothes. When you sweat you are more “open” to wind invasion. If you aren’t able to change into dry clothes, do your best to try off with a towel until you are able to do so. 

Avoid cold and rich foods

If you can, go lightly on the cold, rich, dense foods (ice cream!!) and eat more soups and steamed veggies. Let your body save its energy for fighting that virus, instead of digesting heavy foods.

Try to avoid getting run down

Most people tend to get sick after a particularly stressful time or when they haven’t been sleeping well. Try to pay attention to when your immune system tends to be most vulnerable so you can take preventative measures.


Acupuncture can help keep your immune system functioning well and give it that extra boost it needs. It helps give your body “rest” and a break from the stresses that make you more vulnerable.