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Healing Your Digestive System with TCM

A vast array of chronic disease ranging from auto-immune, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and gynecological can be rooted in the dysfunction of the digestive system.  From  a Traditional Chinese Medicine view, the health of the Spleen & Stomach Qi (the Earth meridian) is vital to overall health.  When treating a patient with digestive system issues, the first thing is to identify the pattern of imbalance and then choose points to correct the imbalance. Additionally, basic dietary considerations are important to address as well. A patient must identify food allergies/sensitivities and should avoid skipping meals, eating while upset, eating too quickly or eating while working, watching TV or driving.

In our practice, we have found many patients have a gluten sensitivity and when gluten is eliminated from their diet they have more energy and less bloating/gas. If you are unaware of any food sensitivities start by eliminating the most common for at least 2 weeks- diary, caffeine, gluten, and soy. After 2-3 weeks of elimination of these foods, start slowly adding one of the items back into your diet.  Only add back one new item each week so you can thoroughly evaluate how you feel. If you notice any new symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, change in stools or abdominal discomfort after adding back in a food item, it is likely you have food sensitivity. Also, it is important to focus on eating at regular times and avoid excessive dairy, raw/cold foods, processed sugars and alcohol. These items create “dampness” in the body which manifest as body heaviness, sluggishness, bloating and gas, unclear thinking, excess weight and chronic sinus infections.

If your digestive systems seems to be off track and you haven’t been able to figure out the cause, TCM can help you heal your body naturally and effectively.